What is automated software testing

What is automated software testing

Testing is carried out to give perfect results to the end users. Testing market is huge and most of the people in it knows the difference between Manual and Automated testing. Manual is a time-consuming task where a human is sitting in front of a computer and carefully ensuring the software codes in test steps. While Automation Testing means using an automated Software testing tool to execute your test case suite.

There is a good number of a benefit of manual testing. It allows a human mind to create a point to point testing map that might otherwise be missed by an automated testing program.Automated software testing demands considerable investments and resources. It is well-suited for large projects that require testing the same areas over and over. An interesting thing is most of all the automated software has already been through an initial manual testing process.

Why Is Automated Software Testing Important?

There are only two options available, manual and automated testing. Putting a human behind a computer for the same testing area, again and again, sounds dumb. Manual testing is a boring process and hence results in an error. Automation increases the speed of testing and test coverage. Automation helps cover a large amount of data at a time and also looks for complexity and feasibility. Automatic strategy and plan designs the framework, In-scope and out-scope, Testbed preparation and timeline of scripting and execution, hence can deliver errorless results.

How to Choose an Automation Software testing tool?

When you start searching for a right automated testing software tool, It is much needed to list down your requirements, and subject to notice is listing is not an easy task. You have to take all your testing needs into account. Here are few points to consider.

1. Automated software should support various applications and platforms, in-short it should be tech-environmental friendly.

2. An automated software tool should work on your task quickly and effectively. At the same time it must be easy to use, so selecting a tool that makes testing without programming will make it sufficiently powerful tool.

3. Scripts are very important when performing automated testing. They let users make specific application feature, provides a variety of testing actions and scripting for our testing.

4. Running Automated Software Tests and Synchronizing it with results are totally opposite, state of an application under test and condition you expected are different. A standard automated testing tool must be able to handle these situations in the appropriate manner.

Some Common Myths About Automated Software Tools.

l Yes, its right that manual automation takes time, but it’s a myth that automation testing provides you with free time.


l The cost of investment in automated bringing automated software testing is high but analysis has shown that over a time period it pays back.

l When we compare Automated vs Manual testing, we cant say automated is simply better than Manual. It depends on who is sitting in front of the computer. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. Automated testing is often used after the initial software testing manually.

Automated software tools are nothing but a machine so, Manual checking is always preferred over automated checking. Realizing the benefits first requires the understanding that automation isn’t automatic.

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